YOUR SELF- CONCEPT NEEDS A RECHARGE NOW & THEN: Manifesting Desired Reality and Become a Pro at Quantum Leaps

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What a crazy, fun and exciting time it is to be in? That is supposedly one of my most favorite aff ‘o’ rmations to begin with. If you would ask me about what I do when I feel low, my simple answer would be ‘nothing’. I do not panic or get stressed about how I am feeling or why I am feeling that way. This could be a result of immense sense of presence I have managed to cultivate over the past year. I have come to the conclusion that for someone who is inexplicably stoke about the future, I do not share my goals as much, neither on social media nor with friends. Somehow everyone thinks I am doing absolutely amazing with my manifestation clientele. Apart from this, I am a doctoral candidate, a Podcaster, an author and a cupid on earth because you cannot speak of breakups, separation or arguments without my closing statement, “Love is a superpower and it has never happened that one has not gotten love in return for love.” You are allowed to get surprised or even annoyed at this kind of positivity but that is how my core is built.

I swear, there was a time when I spoke of love as the most problematic reality of life. I experienced several moments of disdain and disappointments from school to college, the boys were mean (not anymore, because I help them get their girls and make sure they are not leaving no matter what the circumstances may be), people of authority and ‘friends’. I carry no grudge because I know why things happened and how they made me into the person I am today. Why exactly am I telling you all this? This is an example of a self- concept recharge I stand for strongly and without doubts. What is it, you ask? It is a day set aside, in a week, or maybe fortnightly, to appreciate yourself for all that you have done so far in life. If you have no accomplishments to begin with, we got you sorted as well. You woke up and brushed your teeth. There you go! That is a responsible behavior and saves people from judging you for your bad breath. Moreover, it shows you are clean and your shiny, white and flossed teeth are flaunt worthy for your social media platforms. To add to it, you can fold your clothes and keep them neat. You can chop vegetables and can make tea slash coffee. I bet some people have helpers for these. But you do not need them. See? We are already getting better at this.

Why is a self- concept recharge necessary? Now, if I may explain this term clearly- it stands for the fact that no matter what happens, you know that you deserve the best and can make anything pop up in your reality, as if you have conjured it from thin air. It could be people, money, opportunities, fame, recognition or accolades, just name it. Since I had lived a little more than two decades of my life in a ridiculous vortex of self- pity, self- doubt and lack of self- love, I realise how important it is for someone to have a stable self- concept. I mean, given the opportunity to fix the curriculum of our education system, I would include an entire course on the same because emotional quotient dictates your decisions in life in several occasions. I was not taught the difference between arrogance and confidence in school and that led me to spend years of stammering (I was the worst public speaker and now I have a loyal audience who listen to me while driving to work, during work hours or when falling asleep on a rough day) and inability to acknowledge what my true potential is. Let me give you an example. I was asked to describe myself once in some activity in school. I said, “I think I am great.” I was reprimanded for the same and pestered with the questions, “What makes you great? What makes you think you are great? What have you done to call yourself great?” Instead of telling me to define the word, I was subjected to a taunt. It comes across as arrogant to a lot of people. But if I were in the place of the inquisitor, my simple response would be, “I am sure you are. You have the potential to be more than that. Keep the work going.” We use such terms loosely for items like food, costumes or collectibles but no one tells us it is fine if we think of ourselves as people of value. Of course, I used the revision method and changed the incident inside my head. So I answered to those questions, “I think I am great because out of all the students in a visibly uninteresting class with a teacher showing utmost favoritism to a few, I am the one sitting with a thirst for real knowledge. I can assure you I have submitted assignments before deadlines and helped several of my classmates finish theirs as well. I won a national level quiz competition and our school’s name is out there amongst all other premiere institutions of the country. I have leadership qualities which is why my name is put up for the class monitor’s position every year and I turn it down because I feel we are equals and these positions should be earned not conferred upon.” I have to admit, this is going to sound too high- headed for someone who does not understand the concept of self. I would like to believe there is someone for all those students who undergo such existential crisis during teenage years. Someone who would remind them, “Listen, you are amazing the way you are. Do not let anyone tell you that there is a problem inside of you that one cannot fix. Because we can always do that. It is only a matter of time.” To sum it up, basically assure a child that his or her world can be built again even if it crashes down every day and that, it is okay to make mistakes. If we do not make mistakes, we will never learn. Blanket rules destroy children but emotional grounding shapes their personalities.

When you grow up, or say, come to college or move out for higher studies, you meet several people who may or may not be like you are. In order to survive, you need to have a strong sense of your principles and grip over your ethics so that it is not easy for ‘them’ to mold you into something you are not. If you look at self- concept, it is equivalent to this idea. When you have a low self- concept, you will always be confused about what you infer from people’s statements. You will tend to function from a place of insecurity slash doubt because you actually do not know who you are. Therefore, it becomes easier for ‘others’ to pull you down (which is a phrase completely uncalled for because no one affects you once you know everyone is you pushed out). Behavior of ‘others’ will continue to affect you if you remain oblivious of your true self. Your tendency to make someone like you has its roots in the need for validation which is unnecessary again, because when you hold yourself in high regard, the ‘world’ around you does it too. For example, if I keep whining about how guys choose the other girls over me, I am sending a message out loud and clear that no one loves me. Whereas, if I look at myself as a person deserving of love, I will never have to bother about who chooses whom because I know my worth and can wait for my love story to happen. Comparing my timeline with someone else’s is a sign of low self- concept. It is pointless to look at someone’s relationship and think, “Oh! I wish I were in one… I want to be loved by someone like this!”. There is a possibility of a Prince out there waiting for you, but your ‘need to be’ in a love situation shall certainly lead you to lack of boundaries and make you settle for someone who does not fit the bill. Ever wondered about how all relationships of an individual look the same? It is because one fails to break the pattern and refuses to look at things from an abundance perspective. Add in more comments from people who pass obnoxious statements like, “Oh my God! Your standards are so high. You stay in a fairytale all the time, blah, blah, blah…” Well, I have manifested people who were no where close to my ‘standards’ and basked in that glory for about three seconds as I came back to thoughts like, “Seriously! It was easy as heck!” Nothing surprises me anymore. How am I so sure about this? Because I have experienced ‘miraculous’ events in my life that made me reach a point where my self- concept stands unperturbed by circumstances.

All quantum jumps and reality shifts occur because you think they are possible. When you believe you can make things happen, they do happen. It is simply acknowledging your worth and understanding that you deserve to be happy at any point in time. Be it the best job, the desired salary or the person you want to be with for an entire lifetime. Begin your day during a self- concept recharge by telling yourself, “Hey you, listen to me. Not in a million years, someone as awesome as you were born. You are a hero and shall continue to be so. You are loved beyond imagination because there is no way someone would not love a hero. There can never be someone who can do the job of being you as perfectly as you do.” Do it in front of a mirror. Should you ask about quantum jumps in relationships, it is perfectly fine when you feel upset about your partner’s behavior. The moment you refuse to stay in that reality of hopelessness, the Universe opens up doors for you to step into abundance. Refusal does not mean aversion though. It is simply isolating yourself for sometime to cheer yourself up and begin again by thinking from a fresh perspective. Or rather, a non- judgmental standpoint.

Why do you think some people are more loved than the others? It is because they mind their own businesses and do what they do best. When you have a positive mindset, you attract everything positive. A vile, scrupulous and suspicious individual will always find problems in everyone and all circumstances. Instead of pinpointing what is wrong with the world, be grateful that you still have the chance to change someone’s life and probably ten thousand miles away there is a human who is thanking the Almighty, his ‘fortune’ and the Universe that you exist at the same time as them, seemingly enough for loving yourself. Here’s a joke if that seemed too flashy : Someone, somewhere has made your worst picture as their wallpaper. Haahahaha! No one is perfect. Accept, love and celebrate yourself!




Law of Attraction/ Manifestation Coach & Blogger, Podcaster with listeners from over 100 countries, Author and Research Scholar

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Anjashi Sarkar

Anjashi Sarkar

Law of Attraction/ Manifestation Coach & Blogger, Podcaster with listeners from over 100 countries, Author and Research Scholar

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