#TheMarvelMindsetProject Season 4: Risks, Procrastination and Decision Making

Anjashi Sarkar
4 min readNov 19, 2022
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This season brought about a plethora of questions regarding business, remodeling ideas that have been by- products of impulsive and careless thinking and emphasizing on decisiveness and presence of mind during dire circumstances. I had the opportunity of looking into the lives of five clients who belonged to different age groups and with varied qualifications. Two of them were college drop- outs but were extremely street smart and fabulous businessmen. Why come for this project this? They were looking for alternative ways to pool in like-minded people along with comprehending the Gen Z mindset with respect to money- making and setting goals. Normally there’d be two to three friends signing up for the coaching so that there is time to introspect after the sessions are over. The two individuals I mentioned are distributors and they have been colleagues for over a decade.

Like the title suggests, this season in many ways challenging and to say the least, taxing. A few conclusions that were made during the course tend to range from the general idea of making money to recovering losses and gaining confidence in the field you are invested in mentally.

  1. People do not make enough investments in good health or an appropriate lifestyle. This is necessary because the amount of money one needs to spend due to improper diet and erratic schedules in due course of time is mind boggling. Instead of that humungous expenditure, it is necessary to take precautions earlier before it is too late.
  2. Money and success cannot be obtained if chased. Several people get caught into the idea of money making without understanding how capitalism works in a developing country like India. The idea of making easy money is like a disease. That money comes fast, evaporates faster. It takes time to understand that you do not get paid for the work but the time/ expertise you offer to get a job done. It might sound bizarre but that is the truth. There could be others who could get the same job done but the time one can allot to accomplish a task sets the table straight. It is same reason why some people may make 10000 dollars every fifteen minutes and some take years to fulfill that dream.
  3. Your decisions (from a futuristic perspective) make your reality. Sustainability over temporary satisfaction takes you a long way. Whether people know conscious creation or not, deciding to confidently sign up for a venture because it could give you some benefit in the long run never goes for a waste. Just like, if you want to overcome a fear, you have to give it a shot at whatever you are scared of. To be able to overcome an impediment, you have to decide to conquer it somehow. When you defeat something you have always been fearful about, it cannot scare you twice.
  4. Acceptance is the first step to growth. Your current situation is not the end of your life and if things are not favourable at the moment , you can evolve from here. That is how everything works in this world. The Law of Evolution cannot be detached from Creation.
  5. Self- reflection is imperative. One must take accountability of his actions, good or bad. When you make a mistake, be brave to admit you were wrong. When you have done something good, give that credit to yourself even if there is no applause around.
  6. To make mistakes is natural. To sit with the past is foolishness. That stops you from moving forward to a better future.
  7. Most of your problems will be solved if you know to deal with people. Stop jumping into conclusions and analyse the ambience first. Think. Don’t just hear something to only reply. Listening is a virtue.
  8. A lot of our decisions are based on experiences we have had at one point in time. Learn from your mistakes rather than being embarrassed about them. Your fear could be making you blind. So is your ego. And more often than not, being consumed by hatred impacts everything that could be working for us. Hate your ex? Remember how a potential partner’s words/ actions reminded you of them and you lost out on a good person? We carry these emotional burdens and dump them unnecessarily onto people who could be good for us. When you hate something, you are also holding onto a memory that has no business in your future. Let go of people and memories that do you no good. If you have no evil intentions, you will always win, no matter what. The hardships are only tests of your mettle.

The Marvel Mindset Project is a three- week mindset programme targeting at developing a healthy mind so as to enhance one’s overall wellness and thought patterns. For the past three seasons, we have had incredible people who have excelled in various fields by making small to big changes in their ways of thinking. It is not uncommon that thoughts create our realities but the beginning is always the hardest. This project takes care of the same. To find more, send a mail to anjashi.work@gmail.com.



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