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I hadn’t given a thought ever that I would be able to change my reality by any means until Tanaya Amar came to my rescue (Instagram: We talked everyday about what Neville Goddard’s teachings actually stood for and the like. She has played a vital role in the IDENTIFICATION of the technique in my personal journey. I found myself in situations where it was practically impossible to get out from but somehow the affirmations were really helpful. She had listed down some specific love affirmations and they worked to calm my mind, thereby creating a space for more abundance to flow and then I could manifest my desired reality.

SP= Specific Person

EIYPO= Everyone Is You Pushed Out

LITE= Living In The End

I move on to discuss two major events in my life that shook me beyond belief because I clearly remember how hurt I had been when things fell apart. Though I cannot recall the details of those events but I can tell you that I was a really furious person after they had occurred. I thought that I couldn’t get things done my way because I had a problem. I did have a problem but I also had a way of getting out of it. I was focusing more on the issue rather than searching for ways to deal with it.

The first event was with my SP. I have talked about him a lot and the reason why I do so is because the first time I could realise that I was worthy of love and the affirmations were working was when I saw significant changes in his behavior. We had a fight once about marriage and my ability to cry at the drop of a hat. Now, I had never imagined something like this could bother anybody because I had believed that if men do not acknowledge your emotions you’d rather carry on with your life without them. For that matter, I had gotten accustomed to the idea that men will leave me no matter how good I am and do as they wish. My SP’s entry in my life had happened at a time when I had a brief phase of ‘being back stabbed’ by an ex- best mate, and I grew closer to the former because that very day he had accompanied me home assuring that I can do better in life. I do not know whether it was his genuine attitude or he had a soft spot for me, because he was always surprising me and I could never understand why would such a popular guy (among the ladies) give me so much of his attention. When we grew closer, my insecurities developed because I was scared to lose someone again. We fought a lot and had misunderstandings, often leading to a teary- eyed self of mine, which he hated. One evening, I broke down into tears because it was getting too much for me and he said, “I hate you!”. He had apologized later but that episode left a deep impact in my head, pushing me into deeper waters of agony and self- pity. I had been praying for my heart to heal and one day Miss Amar introduced me to the theory of EIYPO.

When I started applying EIYPO to my SP, he showed some changes in his behavior. I did not overthink about his good behavior which made me more grateful to the Almighty and the Universe. So even if it was a text, I would express gratitude. I told myself that something is better than nothing; at least we are talking. I did not call him incessantly after he failed to receive my calls in the first time. What happened subsequently was a success for me, because now he had started calling back and it was the first time it had happened since the fight, a month and a half later! I realised that patience is the key and if I am going to chase I will never be able to gain contentment. A few days prior to February 14th, 2020, I randomly asked him, “What made you so angry with me? Why did you pick a fight that day?” He looked at me with surprise and asked, “Which day? When?” I was taken aback. I asked him, “You do not remember that day when you’d been terribly angry with me and said such hurtful things?” He said, “No! I don’t remember any of it! And why would I hurt you? Do I look insane?” I gulped twice to make that feeling sink in.

The second event was an apology from someone I had known in 2018. This person had done something which hadn’t gone down well with me and I had been hurt for almost 6 months. I used to be a loner, sitting alone at the cafe, typing or writing. He used to be a really good friend and I loved discussing spiritual stuff with him until he had gone off with other women, indulging in activities I would’t approve of. I used to request him to come and meet me because I felt lonely and he wouldn’t receive my calls or answer texts. Since EIYPO, he was not at fault but I had manifested that version of him due to overthinking and an over analysing. One day he told me, “Your sneaky behavior puts me off. 99% of people hate girls like you. The 1% who might tolerate you are those who are equally disgusting as you are. Hence, I stopped meeting you because you aren’t worthy of my time.” I had been good with him, helped him as a moral support, been with him when he was low on motivation and to hear something like this wasn’t a good experience. I do not remember why he had lashed out like that but I hadn’t spoken to him much after that incident. What he said about 99% of people not liking me stayed in my head. I felt lonelier than I already was. I was just a girl who sat at the cafe and went away when her coffee was finished.

Three months later, something had changed. This was subconsciously manifested I presume; I was recognised in public for the works I had been doing, the books and the blog I was working on. Moreover, some regular customers at the cafe, some of them had been around for 10 years in that area, they reached out to me and asked about my work. Gradually, the scene had changed into a full fledged meet and greet session; someone came and then left, again another came in, sat beside me and chatted for a while and then took leave. I was seeing so many people just coming over and speaking about things they liked, about what inspires me, etc. I used to be the one looking at people for inspirations, but now several people were coming over and asking for tips to better their writing skills or making a blog, etc. It was crazy because if I had been sitting at the cafe for 4 hours, I was constantly talked to in an interval of half an hour to forty five minutes. It was like, everyone knew me and I was someone notable! The best moment I can recollect is the time when I was speaking to someone sitting opposite and I saw three guys pass by, all of them had once made fun of me because I was ‘not cool’. When I had left the cafe, I found a couple of texts saying, “Hi! I saw you today. What’s up?” Cut to three months later, December 2019, the guy who had been rude to me and wanted to break all ties sends a message, “I am sorry for what I did. You were the best person in my life. I cannot forget what you did for me. And I seek forgiveness.” I hadn’t replied immediately, but what happened next blew my wits. He found out reasons to turn up at the area where the cafe was located, I found him loitering in the area where I stay, and he texted me more than twice about wishing to meet me. To see a change like that was shocking as well as empowering because I knew I was doing something right.

In the first incident I had taken note of the way I was looking at my current reality. I was self- blaming and including a lot of negative self talk. Things like, “I cannot do anything good.” To change your reality you have to LITE. When you LIVE, you do not try hard, you pretend that your desire is already fulfilled so there’s no use of chasing. I had made myself believe that this guy, my SP, was the best person for me and he is understanding and compassionate. I visualised a scene where we were happy and having food together. I fell back on the idea of food because it strengthens my good memories. The best memories brought to use can help you stay in the victory zone. I had also thought to myself that my SP hates fighting, he can do anything to avoid an argument. Which then led to his blank expression about a fight that had once made him blurt out, “I hate you!”. This shift was profound because a bad memory like that can pile on resentments. Due to the love affirmations, I was ready to accept the abundance of love and I witnessed it in my real life.

In the second incident, what worked for me was focusing on my own work. See, what happens is we tend to procrastinate and let ourselves ponder over situations that went out of control. The trick is to understand that once you accept what is there, you do not have to fight the feeling. For example, I had accepted that he was not interested in further friendship, so I was engrossed in doing what I love the most, creating content and writing. Eventually, my work became the reason for more people to turn up and have a conversation with me because they seemed to be inspired. I mean, no one would imagine sitting down with a pen and paper when you have just come out for coffee and suddenly bump into a girl whose works you’ve just seen somewhere on the internet! I was not fighting the feeling of disappointment, I was letting go because I had faith that things will get better, maybe not today but sometime in future. From being a nobody I became an individual who was adding value to society, only on the basis of adding value. Let’s imagine a different scenario where I had been crying all day and night because some guy said everyone hates me. I would have not done the work, stayed in bed all day and done nothing to better my situation. I could change my reality only because I made an effort to be the best in what I was good in. I am not sure if I am the best or not, but I became a more able writer and expressive after I had stopped communication with him. I also had a wrong notion for the longest time that if you need to write or create art, you have to be heartbroken. I snapped out of it and changed it to, “To be good at anything, you must begin with the idea that you can.” I didn’t know I could manifest so easily, but here I am writing essays about it and making podcasts. I had no idea I could manifest an apology but I did. I was not sure about the SP but he is just the way I wanted him to be. It only takes faith to change your current reality. Once you’ve taken the first step, you’ll find more reasons to be thankful to the Universe. The best thing you can do is to count your blessings when you see a change, however small it may be. Even if, it’s a smile from the otherwise grumpy old woman who has issues with your fashion choices.

Happy Manifesting!



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