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This is the first day of the year and we are in the first phase of the Mercury Retrograde that is responsible for some upheavals in certain departments of your life, including past patterns emerging to do some unsettling. Just telling you, this is not an issue at all. Read more why

This write- up is for a different reason as is clear from the title. We set intentions, yes, for conscious creation but for the self- concept to remain stable and get through a time when there could be some elements to throw you off alignment wise and social media is not helping you either, this is how you make a way for your manifestations to come by without fail.

  1. Be clear about what you want/ desire. The Universe functions on specifics so you must be careful with your desires.
  2. Intentions matter more than the normal manifestation routine (s) because it is like prayer. When we pray or want something, we know the reason for it. There are no blank words or ideas thrown into the air.
  3. Some events in 2022 may not have gone down well with you. You must train your mind to NOT take those into consideration when asking for the SAME things. Leave the past in the past, do not drag it along because fear manifests into more fear.
  4. Meditate for atleast 10 minutes after waking up. Your brain is in a theta mode when you wake up so the first things you think of manifest into daily affairs. That scuffle you had with the maid is nothing but a manifestation of what you absorbed through social media the moment you woke up. Subconsciously we are always processing thoughts, ideas and information so what we consume (mentally) is crucial.
  5. Fix your mood. A bad mood does not help anything. If you think you need a day to recuperate, do it. Do not start visualising or applying any technique in a state of panic, anger, resentment, ego or disdain.
  6. Keep the ego aside when making an intention. What you give to the Universe, you get back. Since love is the base of all creations, give your love to what you want or desire. Love and only love can make you successful in your manifestations.
  7. Spare some time for self- love and self- concept. Do things that make you confident only then it can make you build more faith in your intentions. For instance, if you feel sorry for yourself, how can you expect miracles to happen when your baseline belief is rooted in the idea that nothing good ever happens to you?
  8. All intentions must be made from a place of ZERO arrogance. Stop the power play in relationships. If you are inspired enough to make that call, do it. Try not being in double boats or speaking to too many people about your desire. [Time to pitch in my coaching. Get in touch :]
  9. Channelise pain into power. Work on your mindset and make a conscious attempt to extract the positive out of every situation.
  10. Rely lesser on tarot cards or reading horoscopes. The more you seek validation, the harder it is for you to build faith. If at all you need to gain clarity on situations, do it after maybe a month or more, not frequently. When you are looking towards setting better intentions, it must start from your desire and not what someone else is dictating. If you cannot have trust on your OWN intentions, how will anything else come forward with a potential solution?

Pro Tip: Attempt at avoiding people who project their insecurities on to you. Limiting beliefs of any kind, from any source are detrimental for your frequency to match that of the Universe’s. Remember creation is finished so what you desire is a replica of that version of you that exists somewhere in another reality with that desire fulfilled already.

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