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When I had first started writing, I was never paid attention to. I did write about things that moved me, made me think or evoked a sense of rebellion, but the kind of stuffs I wrote about were not accepted most of the time. I had four unsuccessful blogs and no recognition anywhere. I was once approached by an Indian television channel along with a well- known production house, asking for my idea but they had refused to acknowledge the story saying, “We will not put your name in the credits.” Funnily enough, the shows on that channel are supremely regressive and I feel the Almighty loved me enough to have saved me from the utter embarrassment that would have come along had I been associated with that production house. That being said, following a certain path (spiritual) comes with a set of rules and regulations that are similar to a guard and because of this guidance some people stay true to what they want and go on to achieve the things they have faintly imagined perhaps.

  1. What exactly does ‘purpose’ mean and why must you have one in life?

We, as human beings, are born in this earth and use its resources until we perish. When one has a purpose, it is directly linked to how they would want to be remembered as. We cannot expect the world to be agreeable with us but we can make an attempt to make a mark by our endeavours. It could be something very simple as a good parent, a good friend, a good colleague or even simpler, a good human being. A purposeless life always makes one feel less about themselves and that turns into severe lack of self- belief, thereby making one into an insecure individual who has envy, malice or contempt towards those who are better in some way. When one has a purpose, however trivial it may be, it would be very hard for anyone to belittle them because one knows his True Self without having to ask someone if they matter or not.

2. Why do people have a ‘purpose’ yet feel less about themselves?

The reason why most people feel inadequate in daily life despite having a purpose is because they do not have enough conviction in that purpose they stand by. The idea that one is enough is something that cannot be taught, trained to belief or forced down one’s throat. It is an act of self- realisation that happens through life’s experiences and that would mean the goof and bad experiences equally. When you survive through the tough times, you learn something out of it. A bad memory can be treated as nothing but a reference about a lesson you learned out of a mistake you did or some terrible thing happened that changed your outlook towards life. When people say, “I am scared the past might repeat itself again”, that is a message sent to the Universe that, “I have not changed so I will allow the bad thing to happen to me.” What instead can be a way out is thinking in the direction of what is desired or loved, “I am a good person and I have done no wrong to anyone. My intentions are pure and I know good things will happen to me.”

3. If ‘purpose’ is crucial, what should one do if they have difficulty identifying it?

The only way how one learns is to be eager enough to experience everything life throws at them. Heartbreaks, failures, losses, separation, everything is important. The reason one could face an issue identifying their own purpose is not much self- reflection or emotional grounding. As insensitive as this sounds, but the fact of the matter is, self- absorbed and selfish people tend to have more discomfort in social situations hence they would have trouble in understanding what they could possibly give back to society. To be able to provide value to the world, one must be willing to see the problems around too. Self- obsession does not help.

4. How does it work then if EIYPO (everyone is you pushed out) and there is nothing but the ‘self’?

The answer is in the question itself. If everything is connected, should you not be pained by someone’s suffering and become empathetic? If you were in their shoes, how would you have felt? Can that not be one way to devise a way to help people in that situation? If you look at medical sciences and machineries, are these fields not solving problems? You cannot aspire to become someone who adds value to society without being compassionate enough and at least being kind to those who probably anger you or make you impatient. In the end, you attract what you are. So, if you are kind, you will attract the same. One might ask, “But I haven’t done anything bad to anyone, why should I suffer?”. The answer here in my opinion is, one suffers more in their imagination than in reality. How are you a self- loving person if you constantly think something bad is going to happen to you? That is an outright insult to the Almighty who has given you this life where you can begin any day you want, at any hour!

5. When you say “Love is a form of protection” what does it mean?

Love for anything will make you into a person you have only imagined. For example, if you love your body, you will not eat anything that is detrimental to your health, you will get enough fresh air or do some physical activity everyday to stay disciplined. The protection here is from the kind of food or bad habits that could lead to severe health issues and cost you a bomb in the process of getting a surgery done or perhaps the long list of medicines can cause you to be life- long dependent on them. If you love someone truly, you will be willing to discard habits that may not be appropriate for the relationship and there is nothing wrong in doing so. Basic levels of understanding are important in all relationships and that is what creates bonds and timeless connections. If you love something about your career, you will not resort to practices that could make you lose the job. It is protection from habits that also affect other areas of your life. Turning up in office with a hangover is not cool. It shows you have no self- control and can risk the job that you claimed to love before the selection procedure. In other words, if you look at the entire idea of love, you will always be protected from harm if you are truly in love with something because the Universe would understand that no one apart from you could take care of that person, that designation, that family, that group of friends, etc. better.

6. What qualifies someone as spiritual?

The ability to understand that everything matters. The good, the bad, the ugly, the things that test our patience, everything. One cannot be entirely and unequivocally spiritual if there is an emotional response to everything that one does not like. One has to understand sooner enough that wisdom comes from experiences and life is a platter of trials and errors. In order to attain spirituality, the attachment to people, situations, etc. must be replaced by wisdom gained through events in the past, no matter how embarrassing they have been. When you love, you are not attached. Love comes with a sense of faith and belief. Attachment comes with fear and fear is nothing but trying to know what is going to happen or not much attention to the current moment. All we have is NOW and what we think NOW manifests as future.

7. What is Anjashi Sarkar’s purpose?

To be able to love without judgements and become someone who chose love over hatred, faith over fear and patience over anger everyday of her life. Because she was able to do as mentioned, she was sure that the legacy she left behind was loved by everyone too.

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