MANIFESTING ONLY MALE CLIENTS FOR THE FIRST TIME: How I made boyfriends of clients reach out to me

Anjashi Sarkar
4 min readSep 13
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I had an objective this year that I would manifest some male clients considering the first couple of months of 2023 were like a bust in terms of getting some female clients to stay on the right track. I might have faltered at places but I am aware of the fact that some people might not have the same level of patience or required will power to get something fixed. While some are too good at consistency and persistence there are a few who tend to lose their calm. I do not hold that behaviour against them. As a spiritual person myself, I know why people behave the way they do when they are in an emotional crisis. Not everyone will act the way I will act. They could if I apply the law at all times but it would not serve the purpose of being a coach. My work is to bring out the darkest parts of you and help you love them even if they are unlovable traits. The idea is to normalise one’s steady evolution and not get worked up by the level of progress.

A few women, possibly exhausted by the ‘obnoxious’ behaviors of their significant others desperately wanted the latter (s) to speak to me. As much as it was difficult for me (occasionally) to keep the alignment going because, believe it or not, it is truly disappointing to witness someone spill water over a perfectly put-together painting, it was interesting to watch the scenarios change swiftly once a decision was MADE.

Three men, significant others, beaus, boyfriends, whatever you may call them were perhaps the most difficult (toxic, in popular culture) humans if analysed well. I had my fair share of experiences with such people and truly, I was able to empathise with these…

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