MANIFESTATION SUCCESS STORIES: Law of Attraction, Epiphanies and Reality Shifts- Part 5

Anjashi Sarkar
11 min readMar 17, 2020
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Disclaimer: Manifesting anything desirable is not manipulation. In case, you equate politeness and chivalry with sweet talking and doormat behavior, this article is not for you.

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SP= Specific Person

EIYPO= Everyone Is You Pushed Out

RS= Reality Shifts/ Reality Shifting

NG= Neville Goddard

LITE= Living In The End

When my school mate Tanaya Amar reached out to me one day on Instagram, I was not quite sure about the theory she was talking of. I had a feeling that she might be a master manifest-er owing to the success stories she was posting every other hour about FREE stuff and the whole world being our imagination. I had no idea that what would come next could change my life forever.

She forwarded some videos about NG and his lectures on EIYPO. Though I had my own reservations about people in general, for instance, categorizing them on the basis of education, the company of people they are in, the kind of food they liked, their opinions on religion (Islam, to be precise, as I steered clear from people who did not say a lot of positive things about the faith)and political views (which is also a reason why SP and I connected on a deeper level as we have a plan of shifting abroad at some point in our lives). When I had finished watching the videos and listening to the lectures, I reverted to Miss Amar about my take on the subject. Here, I should mention, there were a few stress- inducing events in my life that were hopeless and I wanted to run away somewhere, somewhere far. A) A cold- war with my ex- best mate; B) SP’s careless attitude regarding our personal equation; C) An ex who was supposedly miffed about our fall out; D) A dear friend who had harbored resentment against me for calling out on his frivolous ways . Points C and D weren’t too intimidating but they somehow impacted my whole perspective on human power relations to say the least. Points A and B are crucial because they are interconnected in a certain way, considering the fact that I had always believed both of these individuals weren’t too friendly with each other, and I have had a soft corner for the former before I met my SP.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are aiming for a desired behavior from anybody, anybody at all. Even your parents. People are the way they are because we have manifested versions of them subconsciously. This is the reason why you must apply EIYPO theory to everyone you come in touch with. Any suspicion that occurs in your mind about the person in front is a consequence of a presumption you make looking at their clothes, their accent, the company of people they are in, economic background, etc. ASSUMPTIONS BECOME REALITIES, as per NG.

A) Fall out with the ex- best mate:

Let’s call him Champ. Champ and I became friends in late 2018 at one of our mutual friend’s birthday. I wasn’t too fond of him, thanks to the presumptions I made about him when I saw his lifestyle. He had roving eyes, a knack of becoming friends with anybody he met ( TBH, I was jealous because all my life I had struggled hard to be in a gang) and a lot of money all the time which was used to either go on trips or buy expensive stuff, so I just assumed he is a show- off. He went on to become my best friend because he was kind to me, exceptionally caring and listened to my troubles. At some point, I had manifested a version of him that made fun of me, was ruthless and impossibly egoistic for a human. I stopped talking to him in 2019, exactly a year after a full- fledged friendship. I had manifested a trait in him that pertained to a rather indifferent personality that cared not even a bit for our friendship. I had subconsciously manifested an attraction from his end too, which became the point of contention. The following events led to a situation where I avoided eye- contact with him, moved away from the space where he stood and skipped the gym (we worked out in the same gym) during my usual hours. It was a crazy time period where I used to break down every day thinking of the sour taste our cold- war left in my mouth. I was particularly fond of him and the fact that he didn’t reach out sort of punched me in the face, leaving a scar that would’ve stayed for my entire life had I not followed NG’s principles.

I realized that I had been manifesting this unfazed behavior as a supplement to lack of perspective, immense fear, insecurity and past episodes of repressed emotions (I had always been scared of confrontations and displayed meek behavior since school). To make a RS, I had to reprogram my mind and eliminate any self- limiting beliefs. My current reality showed me that he didn’t care. I made a flowchart on my wall, writing stuffs like, HE HAS NO EGO/ HE IS APPREHENSIVE SO HE ISN’T MAKING THE MOVE/ HE CANNOT INITIATE A CONVERSATION BECAUSE HE PROCRASTINATES/ HE IS THINKING HOW TO BREAK THE BARRIER/ HE IS FINDING IT DIFFICULT TO APPROACH ME BECAUSE HE IS THINKING OF HOW I WOULD REACT CONSIDERING NOW I AM WITH MY SP. I made around 40 ASSUMPTIONS. I noticed him alone one day, generally he was with his girlfriend at all times, and he looked upset. I checked my WhatsApp for a notification and then scrolled down to see his name. He had put a profile picture that happened to be my personal favorite and long ago I had asked his permission to use it as promotional photo for one of my books. SO, HE WAS BEHAVING THE WAY I WANTED HIM TO. This was a subtle sign, nevertheless I got a confirmation about my assumptions. He did miss me. And quite much.

The next day I saw him at the gym and noticed him working out alone. I made up my mind to talk to him. That night I sent him a message, apologized for my cold behavior and he replied casually. I had manifested an episode sometime ago that he would fall sick or get wounded at the gym and that would initiate a conversation from my end. Turns out, he had a minor chest pain and increased palpitations. He was lying down on the yoga mat and I went near him to ask if he was okay. He was extremely calm and replied just the way I wanted him to. It was magical! He was behaving the way I wanted him to, normal and not at all egoistic. We became cordial after that.

B) SP’s careless attitude regarding our personal equation:

In the initial days of our acquaintance, SP was asked by Champ if there was anything serious going on between the former and myself. My SP and I were working on a project that required us to spend hours with one another, owing to the pictures and captions that had to put up for promotions. He was unperturbed about the comments and appreciative remarks other men put up on my pictures on social media.

When my SP and I had begun to know each other, I was shaken by his lack of thoughtfulness. Also, a level of possessiveness does no harm and is expected when a bond is created. I was bothered by his indifference on many occasions. For about a week, I imagined him to be jealous, dressed up like him and pretended to be HIM literally. I just assumed that he will take time to be the way I want him to. I kept affirming that he misses me when I am not around and he is dependent on me for more than a couple of things. In other words, I manifested a version of him that viewed me as irrepleacable. He later on admitted the same while we had coffee one evening. On another occasion, he peeked into my phone while I typed something, I swear I had never seen him doing this before. To add to that, I had once moved at a distant spot away from him (to talk at home) because of the noise that was surrounding where I stood. When I had returned, he questioned, “Who was it?” I answered, “My mother.” He had instantly responded, “You could have talked here. There was no need to go far off.” On other occasions, I saw him peeking again when I had opened Instagram or Facebook. He wasn’t too happy when I told him that Champ and I have ended the cold- war. I always had a feeling that he might be hiding some of his emotions and he refrains from expressing a bit too much. One day, he just let out, “You’re too much on the phone in the cafe…” and he stopped midway. He later on admitted that he saw me sitting at the cafe on the way to his workplace. I caught him on other occasions walking at a distance wearing a hoodie just to see what I am doing at the face, since I have a particular favorite seat that overlooks the adjacent street. I identified him just at the right time; his stride is too familiar, credits to the intense leg workouts. On those days he had been missing me I could tell. There was a stark decrease in texts because he hardly uses the phone when at home or at work. He had been at home the entire day and in the evening I saw walk past the cafe in a hooded sweatshirt. He tried hard to go unnoticed but every single time he has done that, I had caught him prying.”

With time, my SP had even started to tell me, “Be careful while going home.” It was something that I had always wanted him to say. When I began visualizing him as a caring person, he did EVERYTHING, EVERY SINGLE THING, to make that belief come true. Be it my personal interest at a clothing store, an eating outlet, a movie or even casual stuffs. He went on to the extent of telling me, “I would want you to expect more from me.” Of course, later on I came to know that he was much sensible than I had wanted him to be. He just was putting up a show to display his lack of interest at anything. He was, in fact, interested than ever. He stood up for me when some of his friends cracked jokes about my easy- going attitude, he didn’t let any external force hamper our bond, he made peace with me before I could say, “Are we fighting about this?”, so on and so forth. He had turned exactly like I was, making sure there is no disagreement beforehand! The earlier version of him had disappeared somewhere magically!

A big takeaway from this episode was that we transfer our low vibrations to people faster than the positive ones. We attach too much importance to people, situations, objects, feelings, etc. hence the associated frequencies multiply. For instance, I manifested like mindedness from my SP’s sister. She was extremely friendly with me despite the fact that she was possessive about her brother. I had let go of the fear that she would hate me and focused on the feeling of LITE. I imagined that we were just old friends who liked ganging up on the male (SP) who sat with us!

C) A ‘misogynist’ ex:

The fall out with my ex wasn’t a good one. There was a lot of character assassination, bad mouthing and extreme levels of abusive behavior. I had manifested this trait in him while we parted ways. Very recently, I let go of the resentment and forgave him for what he had done. He gave a call one day and asked for forgiveness, told me how inspired he was to look at my achievements and he thinks of me as a Guru. It was unbelievable at first but then when he apologized for all that he did, including a confession that were on the lines of acknowledging uncalled ‘misogynistic’ behavior, I finally inferred that my manifestation worked. So basically, EIYPO applies to people from every walk of life, even when they aren’t a prominent part of your life anymore.

D) Mending friendship with a friend after I called him out on his frivolous activities:

We’ll call him Junkie. Now Junkie and I had been friends for like 6 months when I got to know that he was a drug addict and he smokes pot. I do not associate myself with such people and when I had expressed my disgust about his lifestyle, his fleeting interest in women, the over indulgent attitude towards nefarious activities and refusing to listen when someone tells him anything ‘good’ to hinder him from such engagement, he got pissed resulting in a fight that in many ways lose faith in men who displayed a rather ‘spiritual’ way of living. Junkie called up a few days ago, apologized for whatever he said earlier and wished to normalize the tension between us. Mind you, he was reluctant to apologize on earlier occasions. I had subconsciously manifested a version of him where he was deeply saddened by what happened between us. I erased that version of him where he was cocky, careless and stubborn. In my current reality, he became the ONE I had manifested, thereby taking RS to a whole new level of inter- personal relationship healing.

I have been doing the whole manifestation technique by mind reprogramming that helps me get over problematic situations; some of them catering to relationships with people that could have never bettered in any way. Mind reprogramming is a way of giving things a new perspective. You can easily create your desired reality and experience RS by mere re-placing of people and objects at your will. Say for example, if there is an episode where I was denied my favorite food item and that made me sad so much so that it hampered my mood for the entire day, I would rewrite that story as I DIDN’T GET THE FOOD ITEM BECAUSE I HAD NOT ASKED FOR IT. Similarly, in the context of inter- personal relationships, WE DID NOT COME TO A CONSENSUS BECAUSE I HADN’T PUT FORWARD MY OPINION.

When I had started seeing exponential results with the law of attraction techniques, I manifested a desired behavior from my mother too. She had a fear based mindset about life in general. I sat down at my study one day and analysed her behavior towards situations. I came to the conclusion that I had forever manifested a fearful side of herself that worried too much about me. In my mind, I began manifesting a version of her where she was confident about herself, more fearless about her desires and definitely more assured about my career. Also I managed to eradicate a fear of lack of finances in her. She had been extremely panicky about lack of money and believed that too much spending will make her poor. I explained to her that abundance exists everywhere. You’ll find things either for free or at a lower rate if you are observant enough. The next day she was gifted a watch or something from one of the stores she was a regular customer at. She also understood my perspective well when I explained things the Islamic way. This is a great factor to enhance the manifestation beliefs. You can adhere your source of affirmations to anything that serves your purpose. Since I believe in an Almighty power, I always make a wish keeping in mind that Allah is in my favor and He is going to bless me with everything I desire. And then I imagine LITE.

You can change your current reality whenever you want and create a reality in a finger snap! All it takes is an assured self and the belief that the Universe is giving you all that you have ever wanted.

The next topic that I will be covering is REALITY SHIFTS. Until then, keep MANIFESTING!



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