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MANIFESTATION SUCCESS STORIES: Law of Attraction, Epiphanies and Reality Shifts- Part 4

Anjashi Sarkar
10 min readMar 8, 2020


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Disclaimer: This essay does not promote the idea of good health being equal to a certain body type/ size/ proportion. Health is a completely different subject which I shall be covering in one of the following topics later on.

I grew up as an awkward kid, trying to stay away from the ‘normal’ population as much as I could, terrified of punishments in school, mortified every single time the teacher called out my name, refusing to rebel when I should have, developed a weird stuttering habit for inexplicable reasons (I now understand it was a result of inadequate coping mechanism and lack of confidence) but the quintessential good student who didn’t mind being the teacher’s pet. My fear of not being able to provide a sufficient reason as to why I was punished or the letter that was addressed to my parents when I somehow displayed my ‘disobedience’ created a belief in my head that I would perhaps never get things my way so I MUST BEND / PLEASE PEOPLE/ PUT ON A SMILE EVEN WHEN I WAS UPSET/ IMPRESS THEM WITH GIFTS, etc. While this belief set its roots stronger when I moved out of my home for higher studies, I also noticed that I was ridiculed a bit more than my peers; for being ‘unattractive, fat and dorky.” They met with comments kinder than what was thrown at my face but the effect of mean words refused to leave my conscience. I reacted on a few occasions, argued with my parents for not siding with me when the guests had a lot to speak on my weight or skin and then sank in shame or despair every time I went back home. Like I had pointed out earlier, I was always trying to make an impression so for the longest time I had a strong conviction that “I am just not good enough”.


EIYPO (Everyone is You Pushed Out)

LoA (Law of Attraction)

SP (Specific Person)

LITE (Living In The End)

RS (Reality Shift, Reality Shifts, Reality Shifting)

BoE (Bridge of Events)

Before you begin manifesting your desired appearance or even think of looking the way you really want to, please understand that beauty as a concept is subjective only for the reason that it appeals differently to different people. If you think looking a certain way might make people beg to date you or get married to you, go forward with the idea. But it is imperative that what you want to look like is an entirely exclusive idea that you must attach to your own understanding of self- worth and confidence. It has more to do with you than the rest of the world, because as you know EIYPO, you can have anyone and everyone falling at your feet!

Since I have begun practicing the LoA and witnessed a 99.99% percent success rate in instant manifestations (the remaining falls under the BoE), I have come to the conclusion that my reiteration of how many people have disliked me in the past is a mere (now subconscious)event which can be altered, all thanks to RS. I had dwelled in the past far too long which is why that pattern kept repeating itself until I managed to attract my SP and transformed him into the version I wanted to. At the moment, heads turn when I enter into the gym, walk by a table, people compliment my eyes, nose and ‘slimmer appearance’.

I was not very sure when I thought of altering my appearance by the help of LoA/ manifesting my desired appearance until I saw my SP unknowingly doing it by virtue of what HE WAS SAYING ABOUT HIMSELF. To manifest your desired appearance, you need to keep a few things in mind: THINK GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES EVEN ON DAYS WHEN YOU HAVE UNWASHED HAIR OR UNWANTED BLOATING, VISUALIZE YOURSELF AS THE ETHEREAL GODDESS/ GREEK GOD EVERYONE IS IN AWE OF AND REMAIN CONFIDENT NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK LIKE.

In the preceding stories, I had mentioned how Tanaya Amar, my old school mate and I had been sharing our manifestation ideas and the like, she had introduced me to the idea of self- love and forwarded a few YouTube channels that enhanced my new understandings on the subject. I followed every bit of what was being said and tried to incorporate them in my daily life. i had also mentioned the word ‘try’ to which Miss Amar had corrected me by saying appropriate or specific vocabulary is one of the keys to manifesting the desired life/ path/ job/ looks/ SP. I kept that in mind and for two weeks without any gap spoke ONLY GOOD THINGS ABOUT MYSELF.

I have brown eyes but no one really had complimented me on the shade because obviously, I had never given a thought about it. I manifested someone complimenting my eyes, by saying, “Oh! You have contacts!They make your eyes look pretty!” I heard the same compliment in more than one situation and both were directed categorically to the SHADE I had imagined.

I am of average height, 5 feet 3.5 inches. I was never considered tall and my body type did not allow that type of a judgement ever in my life. One day, after I returned from the gym, a friend of mine just remarked casually, “You have a height of 5 feet 5 inches which is undoubtedly great for a girl. My girlfriend is 5 feet nothing but looks slimmer owing to her thin frame.” I had manifested better height, yes. Now it’s time for the body type. I was regular at the gym for the past year seeing little to no results. My SP is like a walking manual for anybody who wants to clarify or enrich their knowledge about fitness, nutrition and the whole idea of detoxifying when you have overdosed yourself with steroids. What I realized after reading on EIYPO, LITE and RS is, we can become whoever we want but first we must abide by the CORRECT SELF TALK. I was always thinking that I am witnessing no results even after working out for every day of the week. I changed that to, “I HAVE THE PERFECT BODY. I ONLY GO TO THE GYM TO KEEP IT THE WAY IT IS.” Magically, I found a prominent collar bone in a couple of days, my clothes fitted differently, I lost around 3 kilograms all in a period of 4- 5 days.

I have short hair and when it gets greasy it becomes quite difficult to get it into a presentable state because I cannot tie it. I manifested hair growth by telling myself, “I have thick, lustrous, healthy hair and I have to maintain it only.” My hair became thicker by an inch and grew by 2 inches by the end of the week. Also, I entered a Miniso store and found equipment to improve blood circulation in the scalp and my eyes landed on a coconut- aloe vera sort of mild shampoo which did a great job for my hair.

The most surprising event that I can recall is the removal of tan from my face. I had once wished that the tan removes itself as soon as possible and the facial hair just disappears because those bleaching facials at the parlour are meant for a day’s effect only. I opened YouTube after about 10 minutes following that thought. I saw a channel that had a thumbnail pertaining to kitchen- made or DIY beauty hacks. I clicked on it and heard the beautician say that gram flour removes tan if used well with rose water. It can remove facial hair in about three or four sessions. At 11: 30 pm, the shops are all closed and so the gates of the residence I put up in as a paying guest. I look around my room and I see a container which had gram flour I had once used to prepare pancakes. I followed the instructions on the channel and in a day’s time my face looked brighter and in about two days, the facial hair was just absent!

I manifested thicker lips, a shorter philtrum, blemish- free cheeks, better digestion system, an escape from PMSing, so on and so forth just by thinking I ALREADY HAVE IT.

See, you must understand that you can desire anything and you can get it all provided you act like you already have it. Like for instance, you consume a pill and you know that it is going to ease out related pain or illness. It is the same with your appearance. In addition to this, EIYPO is a concept you cannot compromise with. I manifested people choosing to ignore the dark circles I already have. It’s been a month or so and no one has pointed out! I have shifted my current reality to an alternate one where my face is flawless and so is my body and entire personality!

A funny thing that has just happened is an incident where my SP and I had to pretend to be a married couple for some event that his family was invited to. A few days ago, I had visualized a whole scenario where I was telling someone, “This is my husband.” I had always manifested this idea that we look extremely good together and I found a few people who had the same thing to say. This happened before I was aware of the whole manifestation process. Also, I visualized recently that his friends liked me and they know me as ‘his girl’ so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they seem like old friends of mine!

As I was telling you all, the ‘husband- wife’ manifestation was a success and I had controlled my giggles until we reached the spot. I pretended to be his wife for an hour A day before this happened, I had manifested a version of his sister taking a liking to my geeky self, somewhat siding with the girls who prefer to dodge makeup for no particular reason. I met his sister and she expressed her opinion on how knowledge and education are better alternatives to pointless face painting with no real intellect to compliment it with. I was surprised because at her age I thought looking pretty got you every thing you ever wanted. That conversation with her taught me that I can always manifest the kind of people I want to be with, the ones who will always tell me how pretty or decent I look and I don’t have to be anybody else to make a mark. My SP went on to the extent of telling me that I looked really good in salwar suits and jeans that were moderately tattered. The only reason I had invested in severely tattered jeans back when I had initially started to wear them was my insane obsession with Zara denims which I couldn’t afford or rather, didn’t want to blow up my pocket so I became a little experimental and destroyed perfect looking, clean jeans the moment I got hold of them. I had the privilege of living a Bollywood moment where I had worn a deep necked Indian wear (kurti) and he had a look at my neck, then a little below (think of it as you like, you- know- what- I- mean)and immediately blurted, “You should use a scarf or something…” Now I could have argued with him saying, “It’s my choice” or “Don’t tell me what to wear” but I wanted to know what he thought of me as, the wild or bold go- getter or ‘the girl who is simple just like he wanted without an attention- seeking trait’. His statement clarified my doubts about the pertinent question I always had in mind, “Does he care about anything at all?” Why that question had stayed before I began manifesting is discussed here. I got my answer that day, he viewed me exactly the way I wanted him to. Having said that, I am not a lipstick person but one time where I had applied a rather prominent shade, he made me remove it saying, “You musn’t go overboard with makeup”, which is again something I had subconsciously manifested despite being aware of his affiliations to the glamour industry plus models who were constantly updating themselves with international makeup brands.

Moreover, in the next few days I manifested a whole lot of men telling me that I am a marriage material or they want to wife me, an extremely wealthy female who can get any guy she wants, etc. Alternatively, I shifted my current reality of not being ‘feminine’ to a parallel reality where I was ‘the most desirable’ and I saw it come to fruition when I found my SP willing to kiss me in public because he wanted to show that we are a ‘thing’ (he would have never done that had I not manifested this version of him, I can guarantee)to another guy who I had been in love with but he was too ashamed to be seen with me at a public place (I had unknowingly manifested this one) and then (this one blows my mind every time I think of it)my ex who attaches his ‘current mature self’ to my decision of separating from him (when we had been together, he was my manifested version of an individual thriving on criticism and pointless judgments).

What helped me the most is the fact that I chose to revise what happened in the past and replaced it a better and pleasant version where I was always the person I am now and I am doing better for myself. If at all there are negative feelings about a simple statement put across the table, I affirm that it’s equal to a honking car. Feelings of self- pity can do more harm and often we fail to detach from that feeling. The best way to rise above it all is to be confident and be sure in your heart that you can create your desired reality whenever and however you wish to.




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