MANIFEST A SPECIFIC PERSON: Get unblocked, receive a message or open a communication channel

Anjashi Sarkar
5 min readApr 30, 2021
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Out of the many stories I come across on a daily basis, while speaking to clients or anyone else, there always happens to be this one tale of tragedy where both the parties blocked each other on social media and then went on to malign each other on other platforms, especially posted senseless screenshots of texts, quotes on unrequited love, abuse, so on and so forth.

I would be lying if I say I have never been blocked on social media when my specific person and I had an argument back in the day. You must be thinking being a coach is easier because we have our lives sorted that way. No, we do not. We have bigger challenges and sometimes there is more than one specific person because the previous one comes back when your self-concept starts to sky rocket.

Here’s the thing about blocking and being mean to one another when there is argument. When one blocks, it shows they get affected by the mere presence of someone they have feelings for. When you are least bothered, you will carry on with your life like it were a regular day. Once you start manifesting, or come to apply Manifestation Techniques, you shall realise there is ENERGY at play and your moves shall start to become calculated.

There was a phase of my life where my specific person had blocked me for a couple of months. We had been speaking to each other on calls but I was blocked on Instagram, WhatsApp and all other social media platforms. I, as a human being, am extremely patient when it comes to basic human sentiments. I observe more than necessary and my introspection has a world of its own. Nothing moves me in the wrong way and there’s hardly a moment where I cease to be mindful. I attribute that quality to a sense of presence and a certain 'theory' that I teach my clients when they sign up for MASTERING MANIFESTATIONS PROGRAMME. That theory was concocted last year, in April 2020, when I was in isolation, all by myself and the situation with my Specific Person was just getting better. Because I was persistent with that idea and began applying it everywhere I could, I started bending my reality with ease and caused him to travel from one region back to the capital; a rather murky scene flashes across my mind as I recall how he dealt with the police barricades at the border.

So I had this terrible fight with him sometime in October 2020. He had blocked me everywhere. I could only call him and we spoke rarely. Everytime he called, there was coldness in voice and I did not feel comfortable speaking that way. Nevertheless, I spoke to him as I would if not blocked and there were times he had disconnected the phone calls without saying a 'bye’. I was unaffected. And when I say that, trust me, I really was. I did not beg, plead or request him to unblock me.

He unblocked me a couple of months later. All this while, never for once, the thought of losing him occurred in my head. I was not tense about what he is up to or if he would be speaking to someone else. You have to believe that your specific person is in your life because you have allowed them to. Unless you wish for them to leave, they shall not. You ask and it is given. Which is also the same explanation for: ONCE VISUALISED, IT’S DONE!

Here are a few things that may help you keep calm when you are 'blocked' (I have made peace with the word itself. I have killed that ego inside of me that had the chance of getting offended by behaviours of others, because there are no others. Everyone Is You Pushed Out so people are only reflections of what I am. It is a waste of time to fret about what people do or say.):

  • UNDERSTAND that you are the God of your reality and your choices are going to make you experience the good or the bad. If you react, the subsequent picture is going to be a consequence of your reaction. Instead, respond.
  • Your end goal is to have a happy life with your specific person. Instead of resentments, pray for their peace of mind or affirm accordingly. Imagine you being married to this person and you lose contact with them because of a calamity, would you be cursing them or wishing them to return as soon as possible, safe and sound?
  • Be unconditionally in love. Them blocking you does not show what they feel but what you feel about yourself. If you assume they do not love you or can survive without you, the corresponding picture resonates with that idea and comes across as a rather unpleasant experience.
  • Focus focus focus. Focus on a better you during isolation. Focus on becoming the best version of yourself. Practice self-love by developing talents or improving your skill-sets.
  • Send them vibes of healing. Meditate when you feel lack creeping in.
  • Revise the situation. The results may take time but when positive energy keeps piling up, your reality starts to change.
  • Journal your thoughts. When pain is put on paper, it seems less burdensome.
  • They’ve just blocked you. If phones didn’t exist, there would have been no such thing. Chill. Keep the ego aside and respond with love even in your inner conversations.

My specific person reached out to me the day I had agreed to speak in a Manifestation session, organized by Emerging Yuvas, Pune. This was a success story in more than one way. On the professional front, I ended up having more clients after that session was over and in the case of my specific person, I experienced everything I had wanted to. I got featured in a notable e-zine’s story on mental health. I did not stop manifesting even when the circumstances were troublesome. I just knew, if I can do it for other stuffs, I can ace the specific person issue as well. To keep my self concept in check, I decided to allow love to flow. How do you keep your self concept in check? Tell me more through mail: .

Happy Manifesting!



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