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4 min readDec 27, 2022
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It has been several months and you do not see any movement in 3D. Very common? You have tried everything in the book and attempted all techniques, yet there is no sign of progress. All other things are easily obtained except that one thing that you are counting on. Why is it happening?

Before I explain the reasons to the above mentioned query, you have to keep two things in mind. One, you need to cultivate patience when you have opted for conscious creation. Two, nothing is achievable if you lack focus.

Coming to the query aforementioned, one of the reasons that your manifestation is not here yet is because of your attachment to the outcome. If your inner talk is, “When this comes, I shall be happy…” or “When this happens, I will start living like it is here…” , you will always lose out. I am going to lay out a simple routine for you to get better at manifesting as we bring in the new year. If you can follow this without a doubt, everything will look easy after a week or two.

  1. Make a list of every limiting belief you have (now or before) and make another list that is the opposite of them. Keep this list as a reference and use it as much as possible. If you trace one everyday, keep adding to the list.
  2. Make a vision board for yourself and be as specific as possible. Steer clear for ambiguity as the Universe only operates on specifics. Do not put random words like ‘success’ or ‘money’. Mention the exact meaning of the words (a designation you are looking forward to or a job title you would want to manifest). Place this board somewhere wherein you can see it the first thing in the morning.
  3. Do not watch the news. The media is a conglomerate of various entities that can make you look at circumstances and cause distraction.
  4. Curiosity kills the cat. If you find yourself being restless about ‘what is going on’, stay calm. This restlessness is nothing but greed to get to the end result and functioning from a place of disbelief.
  5. Practice detachment/ indifference. The more you can be selective about your attention, the better you get at evading 3D. What you think now manifests so you might as well move your eyes away from what you do not like to see and concentrate on the imagination in your head.
  6. Nothing comes easy if you have a fearful mind and if you lack persistence, the fear will not subside. You cannot be confident for an exam unless you have prepared well. Persistence in a desire means not giving up and arming yourself with knowledge. Read up everything on manifesting, subconscious programming/ reprogramming/ faith/ success stories, etc. What you feed your head is as important as what you fill your stomach with. You should spend atleast an hour reading before bedtime or sometime during the day. It is a high vibrational habit and does more good to your alignment.
  7. Get exercise for half an hour everyday. It could be the simplest one like washing utensils, making your bed twice or climbing a flight of stairs for half a dozen times. The clutter is your head needs to go and exercising contributes to the same. If you read articles on how to prevent depression or anxiety, physical activity is a recommendation almost everywhere.
  8. Do your affirmations everyday. When you keep repeating ‘an ideal scenario’ your subconscious gets impressed better just like a constant fearful thought has somehow caused a perpetual state of fear. To get back on track, you need to rewire your thoughts and train your brain to think a certain way. Repeat affirmations at various intervals during the day and before sleep.
  9. Journal Journal Journal. The thoughts your harbour in your mind get no outlet hence the chaos. When you journal, it is the most honest way of communicating with yourself and you can keep a track of how good or bad your thoughts are. Make a point to journal your ideal reality too once your unwanted thoughts are put on paper.
  10. Be grateful everyday. Pray, recite verses or thank the Almighty in the simplest way possible. Prayer gives you faith and strength. If you do not believe in God, pray to the Universe or the Nature because once you have someone to surrender to, the journey looks comparatively easier.

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Happy New Year!

Anjashi Sarkar

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