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A mind that is rarely used, tends to rust. Without utilizing it to its fullest potential, you will never, you cannot, you should not expect your life to change.

I am writing this essay after a thorough weekend of constant complaints by a handful of clients, ex- clients, manifesting enthusiasts, etc. regarding the ‘unnatural’ turn of events despite their efforts at manifesting something they have desired with the purest of intentions and whole hearted, genuine, impeccable efforts. As much as I would like to stop catering to those questions, I shall refrain from doing the same since I am impossibly patient as a human and have surpassed my own limitations as a coach a thousand times over. But, this essay, I am sure, would prove to be effective and may be a reference point to the forever problematic question: “All of this looks delusional. How do I believe that things are on the way?”

As a person who has studied the Law of Assumption in various ways (that is also because I am a Seeker and will always find some or the other way to get around things to deal with people who simply detest everything because they are not comfortable with a varied opinion apart from their own), not just the Neville Goddard way, you cannot debate with me about this because I am confident that even if you do not know the ‘manifesting techniques’, I can make you an expert by providing simple, rational, good- to- register explanations. Don’t believe me? We should have a conversation over a cup of coffee and you will know. If that is seemingly impossible because of distance or time, you can read my book, MANIFESTING MADE EASY: A Retrospective Analysis on Spiritualism, available on Amazon. I digress. Apologies. The built- up was longer than what I had thought of in my head. Anyway, back to the title and what this essay is about.

Basic Idea of the Law of Assumption: Assumptions turn into facts. More specifically, energy is everything. What we give energy to, expands. Everything in the physical reality was once imagined. Corresponding Query: Why should they turn into facts? Ans. Because we live in a multiverse/ parallel realities and we switch over to another universe whenever we feel like or want to. Additional Corresponding Query: Where is the confirmation regarding this theory? Ans. Several articles online, scientific theories exist for the same. An easier version is explained in my book.

What is a Correspondence Bias? Ans. We assume what the person says is what that person actually believes in. We hold on to that assumption even if we have been told explicitly (the Law would tell you, or a coach, or a mentor, etc.) that it is not so; we sometimes even judge the speaker in their own light. It messes with the Law of Assumption (if you are trying to apply it) because you inadvertently give energy to something you do not like. To expect a reality shift is useless because you cannot let go of what you do not wish to see, yet you would because the person in front of you said it convincingly and that hurt your ego. An unhealthy attachment to what you are pained by is your biggest enemy in the process and before you even know it, you are farther away from what you are aiming at after progressing steadily in the metaphysical. What could be its indicators? Ans. Constantly reliving the moment of that unfortunate incident rather than moving on and taking a subsequent action (revision technique, affirmations, journaling as your 5D character, mirror technique, meditation, etc.) is not going to help. Never has.

To think better we have to want to think better. How? Ans. By working on your mood. We see less when we are in a bad mood. What can be done about it? Ans. Raising your vibration. Eliminate habits that lower your vibration. I have said this a thousand times and still repeat: Stop watching Netflix/ OTT shows that are low IQ, display lack, overly dramatic and restricts your thoughts and cuts down your imagination. Read more on the subconscious mind and how to develop a healthy thought pattern. Write your thoughts. Pain put on paper lightens your head.

Break away from the auto- pilot mode of thinking from a place of lack/ego/fear. Get motivated enough everyday, discipline your thoughts with effort and start over when you falter. Practice makes perfect. Consistency breaks a pattern and perseverance shows results. Your mindfulness will take you places you have never thought of and when you put an extra effort into filtering your thoughts inside your head, closely watching what enters and what you shall obliterate, you could be winning the game. The unnecessary flow of random, useless, uncontrolled ones must be stopped and that requires hard work. Instead of wondering and pondering, be dedicated to erasing the thoughts that are not aiding your manifestation.

Motivated minds always experience success. Excuses will only deter you. A wandering mind hardly gets things done. Stop it.

Discover what your mind harbors. Observe it. Watch your ways of thinking. Pay attention to what you react to. Segregate the important thoughts/ filter the unwanted ones. The ‘to- and- fro’ act of your mind has to be stopped and that is why mental diet is such an important tenet of conscious creation. You have to be selective about what you pay attention to and what you want to assume, think, infer from and engage in subsequently.

Why did I talk of the Correspondence Bias? Ans. Because one’s patterns are not something they are born with. They are adopted and conditioned. The meaning you extract from people’s words or actions, the manner in which you assume or presume, taking a statement personally instead of keeping the sentiment aside, not allowing your mind to be stronger than your emotions are all examples of correspondence bias. The very same reason why some people manifest faster and some take ages because to undo a pattern is a taxing process. Years of conditioning and external factors play vital roles so the most thoughtful/ uncomplicated step would be to separate the essential from the non- essential. How? Ans. By reminding yourself that your manifestation journey has no relation to the life you had before you knew the Law or merely came across it. What happened in the past stays in the past. Move forward confidently and with faith. Your attachment to the past is only going to make events repeat themselves and the vicious cycle is never going to end.

What really matters is your key to manifesting. Easy.

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