BECOMING A PUBLIC FIGURE AND MANIFESTATION: Islamic Teachings, Failures and Breakthroughs

Anjashi Sarkar
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I have been waiting to share this news with everyone who follows this platform or has been following ever since I had begun this journey. If you are here for the first time, I assume you shall find this write- up interesting, and it consists of two parts: one, the public recognition by Fox Story India for being Women Face Of The Year 2023, which counts me as one of the top 100 influential people in India, based on internet search, for contribution to my field(s) of interest; and two, a conversation (this was a conversation with one of my clients turned friends on a Friday afternoon. Not a coincidence, but creation because on Fridays, engaging in Islamic conversations is considered virtuous).

In 2020, I happened to chance upon a video where Bigg Boss 13 (Viacom 18, India) runner- up, Asim Riaz Choudhary, a model from Jammu and Kashmir, practically a nobody amongst the other contestants of the same seasons, started trending and became the most searched Indian celebrity. I had only begun coaching and used to pick videos or film clips to draw more clients, edit them with captions that were instructive for a couple of minutes. When I saw that video where he was being congratulated by the paparazzi for the amazing feat, I went back to do my research on his journey in the house. Riaz had been a model and a fighter in South Africa for a brief period. He had not completed his education but had utilised the limited resources he had, to learn rapping, composing songs, working on his accent and building a personality. He used to survive on eggs and bread to obtain a sculpted body and he was the best looking guy for every venture he had to audition for. He was selected five hours prior to the launch of the 13th season (13 also happens to be his birthdate but let’s not get superstitious) and he became a household name despite the host, Salman Khan, being biased towards the other contestants who berated him, mocked him and abused him constantly. His parents were dragged into fights for personal rivalry in the show, his Kashmiri roots were ridiculed and he was provoked unnecessarily on the lines of how he could never afford to keep a girlfriend because of financial concerns, along with heckling and physical abuse. He did not win the show (Runner Up) but had broken all records on the internet, especially Twitter and won the love of the girl he wanted to be with, someone he met on the show and declared he was madly, truly and whole heartedly in love with her. She was more famous than him when he had started and now he trends every week on the internet.

Now, Asim Riaz and I are quite similar. We are very protective about our families, love to do what we want to do, become completely invested in things and people we love and can stand for the ‘right’ and oppose the ‘wrong’ fearlessly. Sidelined as a newcomer somewhere, with immense faith on Allah (Riaz used to wake up with the Azaan at the house and his focus was magnified with regular physical exercise at the break of dawn) and being strong enough to look past what troubled him on a daily basis, he soon became a friendly figure to me because it seemed like he was a male version of myself. What did strike me as surprising was his unshakeable confidence and that was something I wanted to imbibe. He became the first Indian to star on a Dubai fashion magazine and popstars from all over the world started to collaborate with him, including John Cena and Bohemia rooting for him. That stuck in my head. A Kashmiri who could not speak proper Hindi, with no regular schooling became a rockstar by sheer hard work and belief in himself went on to being chosen as the face for India on many occasions and that was something I wanted to do. Much before I knew manifesting, I had made something that looked only like a dream. I was in school when I had created this and perhaps this was what my subconscious always had trusted.

(I had edited this picture on Paint because the idea of something like this felt magical)

Asim and his motivational speeches are in plenty on the internet. Young guys want to be like him, girls want a guy like him and he does not get derailed by all the attention. You will rarely see him do nonsensical, controversial stuff to keep his relevance. He is still a hustler, he admits.

Before Fox Story India had contacted me, I was journaling about my desire to be known for something that people shall remember me for. It was around 6:16 pm IST, when the ‘Congratulations!’ was sent. It was not even an everyday journaling practice, I was deeply immersed in the thought of being ‘someone’. I did not have to think like that having ten books to my credit (as an author) but somehow the idea of building an image seemed noteworthy. Some 20000 applicants had been shortlisted and they had found me worthy enough to represent a title “Face Of The Year”, that feeling was incredible!

The second part of this write- up is a conversation that happened today (24.02.2023) in order to clarify some doubts a friend was dealing with ever since 2020; that would be the time she had reached out for coaching.

Some of the queries were answered as follows:

Q: How do you navigate around troublesome circumstances when you are manifesting?

A: I don’t think of the ‘outside’. I do my bit and focus on giving my best at what I do. I attract opportunities based on the vibration I am in. If I keep thinking whether I will get something or not, I never get it. Whatever raises my vibration, I do it without questioning anything. I don’t even think about the outcome.

Second, there is no technique actually for someone to hit it off immediately, a sure shot one, it is only the feeling that will crack it. If you feel good, you can manifest it. If you doubt yourself, you cannot. No matter what number of techniques you apply, the cheat code to manifesting is feeling good.

Q: But it is hard to get through everyday and do it again the next day without the assurance that it is going to happen….

A: Like I said, “I don’t see the outside at all”. I don’t focus on what circumstances are. When you want something so much, what is going on outside is a blurred image. I didn’t look at challenges as challenges. It was daily life for me. I never think (generally, whether Law of Attraction would have happened or not) problems are BIG. For me, on an ethical level, good people end up with good lives. Period.

Q: Do you not fear anything?

A: I have never been scared of anything when I know I have worked hard and God knows that. He is witness to it. I was telling someone the other day, if you love something or someone you won’t be scared. Because if you are scared you are already telling the universe you cannot handle the object of desire, or, you are not worthy of it. I would keep on working for something because my love for the work and people I want to be with or whatever is greater than the fear of losing it. Love and fear cannot coexist.

You either go for it or don’t go at all. It’s betrayal to your desires if you get scared.

Also because some people are stupid on purpose and it is not my job to argue with them to make them see sense. They are limited in their minds. They say or do things that make you question your potential and I cannot be a part of that self- doubting crowd. They don’t matter to me.

Q: How to see a changed version of people?

A: Energy flows where it goes so stop giving energy to the undesired version in your head. It’s really easy to change people if you stop getting annoyed or think what they’d say or do if you’d ask them to do something you want them to do. Revise your interactions with them. Script a better version of them. Before speaking to them, get your assumptions perfect as per your wants. Snapping or calling someone out on their behavior is functioning from a place of non-awareness which has its roots in general ideas about people. Like people are this or that and I don’t like this or that about people. Whatever you hate or dislike will come up in your reality because that’s where your attention went. To make it non-existent your energy has to pause and redirect itself somewhere else. If people are being obnoxious, the only way to deal with them is having patience. Patience is a virtue you will find in Quranic teachings all throughout. One lady used to throw rubbish at Prophet SAW everyday and one day she didn’t turn up. Prophet SAW went to her house asking if she was fine because she hadn’t come that day to throw rubbish. She was so touched by his behavior that she adopted Islam( If you really want things to change for your betterment change your perceptions about people. Forgive them even when they are not sorry. Get closures even when there is no scope for that. Reality is only a matter of perceptions. When people bother us they tell us who we are. Therefore, someone being dirty is telling us, we are intolerant or we have given up the thought that someone can change. None of us is perfect but that doesn’t mean we cannot look towards a prospect for a better future.

If you want to get better at Manifesting, start reading the Quran. It’s the most reliable source for changing perceptions and leading a life where you cannot be bothered by triviality. It could be any religious book, for that matter. That is real knowledge.

Q. What is self- love for you? How do you start loving yourself?

Read the Quran. Helped me. Helped most Muslim/ non- Muslim clients. Will help you too. (,to%20be%20selfless%2C%20not%20selfish.)

Tip: stop seeking validation from people. Your relationship with the Almighty should surpass your relationship with people. Even parents. Once you know there is no other power apart from Him, everything seems easy. He will take care of you and of those you love. There is nothing to be scared about really.

Q: How do you stay focused on the goal?

A: You have to pray everyday like it’s your second nature. No other way out. Prayer is always good for the soul. It gives faith and confidence; people start mattering less so energy is given to God and not mere humans, no matter what they do they will always seem less problematic. If you know LoA or Manifesting or don’t know it, things magically fix themselves.

Q: How do you wrap your head around all the bad things that have happened and then continue to aspire for a better future with unshakeable faith?

A: You cannot skip chapters of life. From the moment you desire something to the time when the desire comes to you, you have to experience everything. When you try to evade something you end up hurting yourself more. If you follow a path of life where you take everything as experience instead of looking at yourself as a victim of circumstances and change it to being a warrior to stand up against all odds, the circumstances bend too. We are too egoistic as humans, meaning, “why do bad things happen to me”, it is a spiritual ego that has to undergo a thousand deaths to become the true version of yourself and who you are meant to be. Even if one is exhausted doing things or experiencing things, they are meant to happen so that you realise attachment is always going to hurt you. So what can be done instead of being attached? Having faith that everyone and everything you want will come to you. How? Through prayer. The Hadith says what is written for you will happen, but what you want can also come even if not in your fate, through the medium of prayer because if you don’t pray you will forget that Allah is the Giver and the Master of all the Worlds (,in%20their%20respeoctive%20hostile%20environments.). Why should good things happen to you? Because they have to. The Universe is too lazy to make everything a coincidence so everything we ‘think’ leads to creation. Positive thinking will yield positive results, engaging in depreciating self-talk will lead to more negative experiences. It is only fair that we read through all chapters we are meant to read otherwise we will not be able to handle the fruits of labour. Example: every celebrity that had an overnight success or became famous at a young age without pitfalls could not handle the pressure of being successful.

Now, in the Quranic teachings or the Hadith everywhere you will find how Allah gives hardest battles to His strongest soldiers (,-May%2003%2C%202018&text=They%20were%20tested%20by%20being,was%20because%20Allah%20LOVED%20them.&text=%3E%3E%3E%20Realise%20that%20Allah%20loves,you%20with%20something%20much%20greater.) Because again, in a Surah (Quran 94:5) its written that with every hardship comes ease. And a soul is not given challenges more than it can bear.

So, if you were to ask me where does all the faith come from, if you read the Quran or the Hadith carefully thinking of every time you expected something and then something else happened, you’ll know why everything happened the way it happened.

That’s also a reason why I never doubted the LoA/ Manifestation because all my life I could have lived without knowing it. But I found it. To throw away a piece of knowledge that could help me get better results out of everything and expedite my process of living or experiencing essences of life is foolishness. Something like a man prays for survival in a sea storm and God sends two boats but then he keeps saying, “No. God will help me.” Only after reaching Heaven he gets to know God had already sent two boats for help. Help is always there around. Good things too. The basic problem of human beings is the fact that they want everything at the very moment they want to receive it. But you need to give it time to allow the right time to come by. That would mean you grow, you learn, you fall, you get up, you win you, lose, everything. Once you have seen this life as an experience and not a battlefield where everyday looks like a war instead of a journey on a train to a certain destination, it will never get easy. It won’t give you happiness. Your soul will always be needing, wanting, fighting and ego won’t lose to awareness and true consciousness.

Q: What should a healthy approach be like?

A: Wrong assumptions will always be the downfall of any person. If you already have an idea that someone might take advantage then who can help? And even if someone does take advantage it’s because of a fear or doubt pushed out so no one is at fault really. People are telling us everything our subconscious believes is true.

The world is not divided into good and bad people, only healed or unhealed. The more we heal, the better we attract. Things, people, situations, anything. A healed way of life means understanding the aspects or life through an unbiased way, without prejudice, no judgements and no ego.

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